The delivery of accurate and timely relocation appraisals is our primary focus. We understand that while employee transfers bring new opportunities, they also bring times of upheaval and stress to families. It is our goal to reduce some of that stress by confidently providing the services needed to help the home to sell in a timely manner.

We have received specialized training in the relocation field, and have many years of experience. Employers and employees can rely on us for in-depth market analysis, and fairness in estimating the anticipated sales price of the employee’s home. We keep an in-house record of all of our relocation appraisal results, and compare them to the actual sales prices. This helps us to continually evaluate our performance and to keep up with market trends.

If you need to select a relocation appraiser, we hope that you will consider Kirby Appraisal Company. We have addressed many of the questions often asked by transferees on our FAQ page. Please give us a call to learn more.